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Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and iraq. >> i find that sort of understandable. go you think about it, the republicans have been out of the white house since '92. back in '92, the national security threats were other countries. from '92 through 2000, you had members of what became the bush war council involved in national security issues all dealing with iraq. so they come into office in 2001 and they sit down with the clinton beam and the clinton beam said really what you need to worry about is al-qaeda. and what the bush people hear is the biggest threat to our national security is a bunch of guys sitting on a mountain top in afghanistan? >> eliot: it was a foreign language. >> it was a foreign language to them. the inther of 2001 was -- the summer of 2001 was chin tbha, it was russia, it was north korea. the standard national security stuff from ten years earlier. >> eliot: also the residual anger, tbrus -- tbrus ration that the job hadn't been completed. wolfowitz and the others were there at the pentagon saying we want to tbsh the job. >> ri
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm PDT
another after another, everything from a housing crisis to the war in iraq to the collapse of the financial markets to anthrax in the mail, to the soars epidemic. one crisis you can say that has come up under his watch was the bp oil spill and everyone agrees that he did an excellent job with that. america he needs to get going on its own. >> eliot: there are two ways to interpret. i think your logic is impeccable and it's an important point to make. sometimes you just regroup and wait for things to calm down. if you had to pick a word to characterize the bush administration era was chaos. it was a pin ball bouncing from one crisis to another. some of those things were not his doing. you have to acknowledge sometimes external events can frame a presidential era beyond the president himself. and jimmy carter would be one that you would make that argument. do you agree with that at all? >> i think you many of the crisis were created by the white house. we had $4 a gallon because the president was an oil man. many of these crises were man- man-made crises but white house-made
Sep 13, 2012 8:00pm PDT
fired teargas in attempts to get them to disperse. similar protests also appeared in iran, iraq, bangladesh, morocco, sudan and tunisia. in libyan, there was a gathering design to show appreciation for the united states. hundreds of libyans amassed outside the consulate, airing signs denouncing yesterday's violent destruction which led to the death of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three others. in addition libyan authorities arrested four men suspected of instigating the protests. president obama called both egyptian president morsi and magariaf. the two calls had decidedly different tones. president obama expressed appreciation to libyan president magariaf for the cooperation received from the libyan government and people in responding to the attack. though questions still remain about the role libyan terrorists played in escalating the attacks. with respect to egypt the president had made an interesting comment in an interview earlier yesterday with telemundo. >> would you consider the current egyptia
Sep 14, 2012 8:00pm PDT
of the outspoken voices against the war in iraq we've been fortunate for her distinguished services. i had a chance to talk with congresswoman woolsey as she prepares stepping away from her seat. >> eliot: thank you for joining me rather than a tv screen. you've been here during a period of tulmult, when you look back over the 0 years what have you seen and what do you expect to happen. >> i remember thinking how nice people were to one another senior members would help junior members make a stand and be heard. but the negative surprise was our schedule. under the democrats it was so terrible. we never knew if we were going to okay now 20 years later, it's flipped. people just aren't able to negotiate or to compromise. we're not mean to each other. we still like each other and laugh in the elevators, you know but it's false. >> eliot: at a substantive level there is no engagement. >> no engagement. >> eliot: there is no intellectual engagement. parties are talking past each other. >> right. >> eliot: why is that? are there two different ideologies that people can't speak to one another? >> ideologi
Sep 7, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and joseph lieberman wrapped up their visit to iraq where they urged top officials to support the effort to overthrow assad. newly elected egyptian president moment morsi surprised some this week appearing to stand strong against assad warning that his time won't be long. joining me now to discuss the late nest syria is marc ginsberg, former u.s. u.s. ambassador to morocco who also served as deputy senior adviser for middle east policies to president carter. welcome. >> thank you. >> with the report of chemical weapons, this sounds treacherous. >> it does. you indicated there are hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming across syria's northern border with turkey and southern board with jordan creating an humanitarian crisis for relief, but think of the untold thousand who is are injured and wounded inside the cities who no longer have relief coming to them. >> eliot: this is a humanitarian crisis. i do not see the international community organizing itself to handle the refugee crisis in turkey jordan, or beginning to act in a way that is appropriate for what is going on in syria. am i
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in targeting our foreign policy has been able to say we're out of iraq. we will be out of afghanistan but we managed to destroyed al-qaeda. that's where our foreign policy should be focused on. there is a sense that we succeeded in our objective and that's why the president is standing so well on foreign policy issues. >> it's a clear example where he had promise and he delivered on them. and mitt romney who did mention afghanistan in his nomination speech. they didn't really focus on in their convention or in the speechers or really in mitt romney's proposals or what he's saying about himself. again, it's a real important contrast. i agree with borris, there are not a lot of single-issue foreign policy voters but nonetheless it's a clear advantage for obama and a disadvantage for romney in terms of what he has been trying to say and the proposals he's being putting out there. >> eliot: i know you want to rebut that with the obama administration foreign policy but answer that, and then tell us how mitt romney foreign policy actually differ because i have trouble seeing the divide between the
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
back from afghanistan and iraq, is higher than it is across the general population. >> exactly right. the estimates vary depending on the age group and the geography from a few points higher to double the general unemployment rate. among younger veterans coming back nonofficers that is enlisted the estimate is that the unemployment rate is as much as double the average population which is a really searing indictment of our nation if you think about it. these are young men and women called to serve the country and their contemporaries are employed and they can't find jobs. >> eliot: the other aspect of this is this bill was paid for. i've read all of the articles and statements. explain to us because it directly rebuts the republican claim this bill was paid for. explain to us how that was. >> paid for by savings closing loopholes, direct dollar for dollar. all of this talk about the deficit and destroying the budget and so forth and so on. first of all even if it hadn't been paid for in my view, as a member of
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
come back from iraq and afghanistan, maybe jeopardized from the right to vote. let me tell you one thing. in the texas voter i.d., they were not able to use federal i.d. documents. a veteran told me that because his i.d. did not have a date on it under the texas law, he could not use his permanent federal veterans i.d. card. is that absurd? an outrage as one could ever believe. >> exactly right. in the pennsylvania litigation, which is still pending the court and the state of pennsylvania acknowledged it could not point to one single case of voter impersonation fraud which, of course, was the underlying predicate to their entire statute. let me ask you what you're saying and our generic feeling about the obligation to permit people to vote, to get them to vote, moderate republicans coming back into the fold who are saying you know what? we have to push back against the republican fringe and make voting something we believe in. we'll work with you on the voter registration effort and pushing back against bad voter i.d
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm PDT
that they are going and that, therefore, it is worth starting a third regional war that would make iraq and afghanistan look like a warm-up act. >> eliot: other than military action, sanctions are the primary vehicle we're using primary mechanism to stop them. are the sanctions imposing a sufficient price upon iran's economy so that they are actually willing to comply? >> they're crushing the iranian economy. these are the strongest sanctions enacted on any country ever. their currency has fallen by 40% in the last few months. they are losing billions of dollars in oil sales they're unable to sell the oil they're producing. the question isn't is there enough pressure. the question is what's the deal? what's that pressure leading to? we backed them into a corner. now we have to find a door they can walk through, help them save face. that will probably take until november after the elections when they know that they've got the -- the guy they're dealing with -- november of this year. both sides are waiting for the november e
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)